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bunny cake

I have taken it upon myself to make fancy birthday cakes for my little friend Hannah. Her first birthday her parents beat me to the punch and got her a sheet cake. This years birthday I was in London. Being that she is four... I have only made her two cakes so far... this was the first.

For the Bunny Cake I used Martha Stewarts rabbit cake pans. These are heavy duty.

You pour the cake batter in half the bunny and let it rise to fill the full pan. I found that sometimes it didn't fill far enough and then there would be some air pockets. I just filled them with frosting and no one knew the difference.

I did a practice cake for a baking contest at work first.

He was tasty.

I made two of them for Hannah's party... one vanilla and one chocolate.

It takes forever to cover the bunnies with frosting using the star piping, but the results are worth it.