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halloween food

You need spooky food for a halloween party. Aaron helped me make an array of finger food... three of which I think were the spookiest.

Pumpkin Patch Dirt

First we whipped up a batch of of dirt... the recipe of which I cannot give out... it's proprietary! Then we made green vines with the icing that comes with the tips included.

Pop on some candy corn style pumpkins and marshmallow peep style ghosts. Boo!

Meringue Bones

These bones were extremely easy to mix up... a bit harder to pipe. I thought we should fill up a big piping bag... but Aaron thought the heat of our hands would melt the mixture, so we used a hard plastic piper... which took FOREVER to fill and it was small so we had to do it often.

Recipe found at via Not Martha.

But the bones turned out great! They were delicious and crispy. The longer they sat out though... the softer and stickier they became.

Witch Finger Cookies

We mixed up the almond cookie dough batter, and chilled it. Bit by bit we rolled out the dough into finger shapes and added wrinkles and almond sliver fingernails.

Recipe found at via Not Martha (she is on top of the whole Halloween thing)

After baking I thought the fingers looked really authentic. Note the broken "bone" Aaron fashioned at the cut end of one of the fingers.

Some red gel icing served as ozing blood. I had to eat one pre-icing, it grossed me out so much.