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mosaic bathroom cupboard doors

When I moved in, I loved the old black and white tiles in my bathroom, but the cheap plastic sink cupboard left something to be desired.

Bleah right? Then I had a bright idea.

I had aaron take the offending doors off and I painted them green with some paint leftover from my dining room.

Then I bought tiles and marbles from a weird little craft store downtown. We had to go back for more tile twice. I stuck with blue and greens, because I am planning on painting the bathroom those colors sometime in the future. I glued them down with plain ole elmers glue.

Then the fun part. I filled in between the tiles and marble with grout. I was much better at it by the second door, so one door is visibly smoother than the other.

Tah-dah! Now I just have to get around to painting the rest of the bathroom.