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grow charts

This Christmas I made grow charts for all the little 'uns I knew.

I bought four shelf boards a Home Depot, taped them off and started painting. My choice of wood later turned out to be a mistake.

I painted alternating colored sections on each board. Then in each section I painted a critter getting bigger and bigger.

One was a bunny, next was a tadpole growing into a frog, then an egg hatching into a peep and then a cat.

They were for Kira, Roen, Leah and Olivia

I made a template to paint the measurement lines. I used number rubber stamps to mark the feet.

Here is the frog growth chart finished. My mistake was to use boards that were already painted. The acrylic paint I used scratched off really easily. I had to spray many coats of polyurethane over it to protect it. Live and learn.