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mantle cover: house design

I originally saw mantle covers at a department store... and thought they shouldn't be too hard to make.

I got some heavy fabric at JoAnnes.

I got some bits of felt.

Instead of hemming the fabric, I pulled out strands of thread to make a fringe.

This was the sketch for the design.

I cut the house shapes out of felt and plotted the layout.

A tree with falling leaves for next to the houses.

I used some fabric tac to hold down the felt... but that made it hard to stitch through. Next time I will just pin them down.

I did a simple stitch around the edges of the felt with embroidery thread.

A puppy on your lap makes the whole process more pleasant.

White thread for smoke coming out of the chimneys.

And it is complete!

Although it is shown here on my mantle, this is actually a Christmas gift for my Grandma.