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the free table

Living in the city... people put out large items for garbage pickup everyweek... we aren't limited to two days a year. Not that I go trolling around for refuse, but when my neighbor put this table out for the garbage.. I thought it had potential.

It was solid wood and I liked the two tiered structure.

I painted it a nice pink. Aaron kind of wrinkled up his nose at my color selection. I got the paint for free with a coupon that came in the mail for a local paint store that was giving away sample pots. Just enough to cover a small table.

Since I was on a mosaic kick and had some leftover grout I did the top of the table with pink and red tile. Aaron helped me grout... that is his hand wiping off some of the of the grout we slopped on the tile.

So other than the tile and grout... the table was basically free. I call it my Free Table.

I am going to use it to put Ernie's stuff on... his brush, treats etc.