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velvet studded pillow

Tina saw a pillow at a local craft store that she really liked and I decided I should be able to make one like it.

I got some nice velvet in a deep red color.

Cut out two squares.

Using metal studs I got at Joannes, I studded a heart shape. The studs are basically like a tack head with sharp triangular points around the edges. You poke them through the fabric, then flip over the fabric and bend the edges down with a screwdriver. I only jabbed myself three times.

Then I sewed the two square together, inside out, leaving a space open for stuffing.

I turned the pillow inside out, stuffed it and and stictched the hole shut. I messed up slightly by not paying attention to where the hole was and I had made it on top. Not ideal, will make note of that for future pillow making.

A final tiny detail. I sewed a little metal charm that said "Made with Love" onthe corner. The picture didn't turn out so well, but trust me it was cute. .