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shrinky dink wine charms

This Christmas I decided I wanted to make most of my Christmas presents. The hot new DIY craft I had been reading about is wine charms. I put a little twist on mine though.

I had been working on little cartoon people for an illustration at work and some of them were fashioned after my friends. These illustrations came in handy for the the wine charms.

I printed out the cartoons onto shrinky dink paper for inkjet printers. You remember Shrinky Dinks? (Actually I used Avery White Printable Shrink Sheets, 8 1/2" x 11"... available at Staples) After I printed out the cartoons, I cut them out and punched a hole in the top. After baking, a little split ring went through each hole.

One inch wire hoops for earrings available at craft stores and jewelry supplies stores online made up the base for the charms. On each hoop I put a cartoon friend and colored beads on either side. Each friend had a different color.

Everyone loved them... but I don't think they actually use them as wine charms. Several people have them hanging up. Oh well.