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christmas 2001

Every year I have to have a theme for my holiday gift giving. This year it was Mystery Bunnny, that bunny that had been popping up on posters all over town from an unknown source.

I scanned him in, put a hat on him and there he was. I used print outs of him for gift tags and had a rubber stamp made of his image to create my own wrapping paper.

For gifts I made the ever popular Shrinky Dink Wine Charms and fleece hats. The hats were pretty easy to make... I got a pattern at JoAnnes.

I made a ton of them though.

I made Ljc heads out of shrinky dink to sew onto each one.

I also did a few of the gift tags with shrinky dink. It was a shrinky dink Christmas!

Here are Matt and Tina modeling their hats. Warm and toasty.