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the new sunroom

It is a popular thing in this area to convert ones front porch into a little room. They are called anything from "three season rooms" to "florida rooms". I chose to call the one attached to my house, "the sunroom".

This is the sunroom "before". Note the vomit green shag carpet, faux wood paneling and the disintegrating drop ceiling panels. (that is not my furniture)

When we took down the drop ceiling we discovered the porch roof was painted bead board. I liked it... so I nixed the plan of a new drop ceiling and got white paint instead. We also discovered a available electrical connection thingy (Aaron's territory here), so we picked up some track lighting too.

Under the nasty carpet was grody carpet pad and under that was yucky stickystuff. The floor was gross... nothing worth saving.

I got a special primer that you have to use when you paint over wood paneling. While I primed the walls, Aaron primed the ceiling.

Aaron painted the ceiling a bright white and I worked on the walls. I chose a red orange for the sunroom. I wanted something bright out there. I had concerns that it might look odd from the outside, considering my house is green, but it wasn't too bad. It certainly stands out.

When the painting was done, Aaron put down the Pergo flooring. I didn't get any pictures of that, but trust me it was easy. The boards all snapped together. He just had to cut a few pieces on the ends to fit. The result is a bright and snappy sunroom.

This is the track lighting Aaron put up. Finding the electrical connection there made it pretty easy to install. I was pretty happy with the ceiling, the beadboard looks nice... a good surprise.

It's chilly out here in the winter when the sun isn't shining, but a space heater warms it up nicely. It will be great in the summer.